Spanish Private Tuition

Constraints of time or having problems to follow a schedule?

Don’t worry, we can help you.

In addition to our courses offered at our centres in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune, we also offer Private Tuition packages for students who are willing to learn but have constraints in joining a course.

Our Private tuition packages are well suited for those who wish to learn Spanish at their own convenience and pace. One can opt for private lessons at our centres, or conduct classes at the comfort of your home or office premises. Once the student opts for a Private Tuition Package, the timings and days are scheduled as per mutual availability and convenience of both parties.

Spanish language is offered as a subject in many schools and we also offer support in the form of Private Tuitions for children who need to practice what is taught in the course in school. This may be one-to-one or in a group of maximum 3 students. You can select the number of hours of Private Tuition you would like to avail from our packages offered.

Why Opt For Private Tuition?

  • Customised Lessons: One of the biggest advantages of Private Tuition is that the lessons can be easily customised to suit the specific requirement of each student. The pace, focus and goals of each lesson is adjusted depending on the need and abilities of the student, which allows us to ensure maximum learning efficiency.

  • Individual Attention: As the classes are one-to-one, the student benefits from individual attention and focus on their learning. The tutor enhances the student's skills through practice and working together on their weaknesses, thus making the learning process more effective.

  • You Choose Your Location

  • Experienced Teachers

  • There is a some amount of flexibility in the scheduling of classes, as each package must be completed within a certain time-frame. The student must avail the total number of hours within the time-frame allotted by the institute for the tutor to cover the content. This ensures continuity of classes, allowing the flow of the curriculum, as well as ensures improvement in the proficiency of the student learning a new language.

The packages offered are:

  • Private Tuition - 8 hours               

  • Private Tuition - 12 hours

  • Private Tuition - 16 hours

  • Private Tuition - 20 hours

  • Private Tuition - 24 hours

  • Private Tuition - 30 hours

All our packages are at competitive rates. The higher the number of hours package, will guarantee you the best rates.  

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