Cultural Calendar

Each branch has a minimum number of foreign national teachers appointed from Spain or Latin America with working visa, and holding a degree in Philology or a similar qualification. Those teachers have academic functions related to quality instruction therefore they organize, create and prepare professional syllabus for specialized course streams for colleges and companies, impart special training programs to local teachers and teach very advance level of Spanish. Our internal academic processes guarantee that all our teachers are excellently prepared and qualified to undertake any of the assigned levels moreover they are professionally motivated in their career.

Spanish national teachers

Our teacher’s induction training program is a state of the art process designed by the institute for all teachers to be fully qualified and prepared before any assignment is given.

Students benefit from this internal measure by having a consistent quality through out all levels.

Apart of the regular induction training program the institute develops short courses of interest to the teachers that improve their skills and qualification.

All our Spanish national teachers undergo a selection process. They all have post-graduation in Philology, Spanish Studies and Linguistics (ELE) and have experience in teaching the language to foreigner nationals.

The standardization of our international exams is a complex process in which foreign national teachers also participate.

The cultural agenda of each branch of the institute is coordinated by our Spanish teachers.

Republic Day                  26 January                 
Valentine's Day 14 February
International Women Day         8 March
International Health Day    7 April
International Day against Child Labor              12 June
International Friendshp Day 30 July
International Peace Day 21 September
Christmas Day 25 December