D.I.E Examination

D.I.E Exam (Diploma Internacional de Español)

As an accredited center of FIDESCU (Fundación para la Investigación y desarrollo de la Cultura Española), Instituto Hispania offers an international D.I.E. examination and certification (Diploma Internacional de Español).

Why Take The D.I.E examination?

Like the D.E.L.E, the D.I.E examination is one of most widely respected and recognized International Spanish language certifications in the world. Like any International Examination (IELTS, TOEFL, DELE, DIE), it provides students of all ages the opportunity to obtain international qualifications that evaluate their linguistic ability to communicate effectively with other Spanish speakers. There are two components to the D.I.E exam, and the student may appear for Oral, Written, or both.

The advantages of obtaining this qualification are plentifold. From working Professionals who work with Spanish-speaking counterparts, to students who want to have an edge over others in their resumes and college applications - this qualification provides an official and valuable credential of their linguistic capacity. 

Who Can Give The D.I.E Exam?

In our quest to provide this growth opportunity to all interested candidates, the D.I.E exam is not restricted solely to the students of Instituto Hispania; external students have the option to choose to appear for it too.

The D.I.E exam is held every three or four months and new dates are announced in advance.Students are requested to register for the examination 10 days prior to the date of the exam. For more information, please contact the Institute personnel or visit http://www.fidescu.org/diploma-d-i-e

Please find below the D.I.E examination dates for 2017:

*15th March 2017

*15th June 2017

*12th September 2017

*12th December 2017


D.I.E. is recognized by FIDESCU and Courses of Spanish Language and Culture of the University Pontificia of Salamanca and is signed by:


International Relevance


The following table shows the international equivalence of D.I.E


  Instituto Hispania Instituto Cervantes C.E.F. D.I.E Oral D.I.E Written
First module Certificado Básico   A1 - Acceso Elemental - 1 Elemental
Elemental - 2
Certificado Intermedio   A1+ Basico - 3 Basico
Basico - 4
Diploma Inicial Diploma Inicial A2 - Plataforma Intermedio - 5 Intermedio
Intermedio - 6
Second module Diploma Pre - Avanzado   B1 + Umbral Avanzado - 7 Avanzado
Avanzado - 8
Diploma Avanzado Diploma Intermedio B2 Avanzado  
Superior - 9
Third module Diploma Pre - Superior   C1 Dominio    
Diploma Superior Diploma Superior C2 - Maestria   Superior

Further and higher curses for better accuracy and perfection of the language are being also organized. The courses syllabus follows the guidelines of Instituto Cervantes, Pontificia University of Salamanca and Association of Language Testers of Europe (A.L.T.E.). Subsequently the corresponding certification corresponds to the Common European Framework (C.E.F.) as reference to languages.

Exam Fee

If you are a student of Instituto Hispania, Click Here to know the Cost for Internal Students

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