Equivalence of levels

COMMON EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK OF REFERENCE FOR LANGUAGES (CEFR) is the universal official parameter to measure the proficiency achieved by any student in any institution that imparts foreign languages all over the world.

Instituto Hispania follows the philosophy of "value for money". We value time and we have developed a methodology where students can achieve maximum proficiency in minimum amount of time and money. 

Moreover, following the parameters and instructions of CEFR, Instituto Hispania has developed International Certification, INDIELE,  to facilitate students obtaining international certification at minimum cost and effort.





Level 1

A 1.1     70

Level 2

  A1 (Breakthrough) A1 130

Level 3

  A2 (Way Stage) A2 190

Level 4

B 1.1     250

Level 5

  B1 (Threshold) B1 310

Level 6

B 2.1     370

Level 7

  B2 (Vantage) B2 430

Level 8

C 1.1     480

Level 9

  C1 (Proficiency) C1 530

Level 10

  C 2.1 (Mastery) C2 580