Instituto Hispania has a comprehensive well detailed SYLLABUS that has been developed throughout the years by our teachers and collaborators that satisfy the multilingual requirements of Indian students. The institute has never lost its focus in achieving the best quality in the market in terms of academics and since the year 2000 engaged in the publication of its own study material which lead to the inception of its own publishing house.

The BOOKS are printed and published in India and currently the sister company is looking forward towards international standardized examination system developed for Indian students and will be extensive to Asian students.

All our five centers and 30 classrooms have MULTIMEDIA classrooms and foreign national teachers with post-graduation in Spanish Language with specialization in Teaching Spanish to Foreigners. Our academic team is constantly upgraded and monitored to comply with the educational standards from headquarters in regular weekly meetings.

The institute also undertakes translation at professional level and it is our pride to convey that large official and private translation and interpretation projects and assignments are been done by Instituto Hispania on regular basis.