1. Why should I learn Spanish ?

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2. What is the international equivalence of the courses offered by Instituto Hispania ?

The following table shows the international equivalence of the courses offered by us.

  Instituto Hispania Instituto Cervantes C.E.F. D.I.E Oral D.I.E Written
First module Certificado Básico   A1 - Acceso Elemental - 1 Elemental
Elemental - 2
Certificado Intermedio   A1+ Basico - 3 Basico
Basico - 4
Diploma Inicial Diploma Inicial A2 - Plataforma Intermedio - 5 Intermedio
Intermedio - 6
Second module Diploma Pre - Avanzado   B1 + Umbral Avanzado - 7 Avanzado
Avanzado - 8
Diploma Avanzado Diploma Intermedio B2 Avanzado  
Superior - 9
Third module Diploma Pre - Superior        
Diploma Superior Diploma Superior C1 Dominio   Superior

Note: C2 Maestria is a very advance level, and it is very difficult to achieve it while studying in a foreign country. It is advisable that the student who want to achieve this C2 Maestria level plans to travel to any Spanish speaking country for a one or two months period so the student is learning through immersion in the new language, along with special classes conducted for that level.

Further and higher curses for better accuracy and perfection of the language are being also organized.

The courses syllabus follows the official guidelines for learning a foreign language. Subsequently the corresponding certification matches the objectives of the Common European Framework (C.E.F.) as reference to languages.

3. I want to teach Spanish, how do I become a certified Spanish teacher?

If you complete the abovementioned courses along with the corresponding international official recognition, and you become a trainee teacher and achieve the objectives for it, you will be aCertified Spanish Teacher.

4. I want to join but I do not have time on weekdays. Do you offer courses on the weekends?

Yes, Instituto Hispania offers part time courses over the weekend. Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays. Classes are held in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. You can choose a timing that suits you. For further details,please contact us Click Here

5. What are the timings for classes that are held on weekdays ?

Batches on the weekdays too are taught in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. Students can indicate their favorite time slot at the time of admission to the institute.

6. How many students will be there in a class ?

Usually, Instituto Hispania does not take more than 20 students in a class. Therefore, we encourage students to register early so that we can accommodate them in a time slot they prefer.

7. What if I do not get a time slot that I want ?

Instituto Hispania does its best to accommodate students with a preference for a particular time slot in the batch they desire. However, since it is not always possible to do so, we encourage students to give us two preferences so that they get their next best preference.

If the student finds it difficult to give us two slots, you could also opt for our private tuition.

8. When are the courses starting ?

We launch new courses every month. For this month’s schedule, please Click hereto monthly course schedule

9. How much will the course cost ?

Course fee varies with the level a student is. For details, Please click the link below:

Course fee detail

10. I have learnt Spanish before; can I enroll myself for a higher level ?

Definitely! Instituto Hispania admits students in higher levels as well. Students are required to give a level test so that we can ascertain their level and guide them to the level that is suited for them.

11. I do not want to attend the regular course, is there a provision for me to take private lessons ?

Yes, Instituto Hispania offers students private tuitions as well. However, we recommend that the student join a class since he gets to interact with other students and facilitates learning.

12. How can I pay ?

You could choose one of the options listed below:

  • Pay Online (credit cards, debit card, net banking)
  • Cash
  • Demand draft
  • Bank check

First, you could  Click Here to registration form, fill it and choose payment option, with a demand draft made in favor of ‘Instituto Hispania’. Please write your name and batch preferences at the back of the draft. Also, don’t forget to send us a passport-size photograph of yours!

Or, you could walk into one of our centers and fill the form in person and make the payment. Instituto Hispania accepts all payments made via credit cards, debit card, net banking, cash or check.

13. Can I pay online ?


14. I am going to join level 6, what are the options that I have ?

You could opt to go with the regular course or choose one of our specialized courses. Students have the option of choosing between business Spanish and Spanish for Tourism in the sixth level. For further details, Click Hereto specialized courses>

15. What is D.I.E ?

D.I.E is an exam that is held F.I.D.E.S.C.U( Ministry of Education, Spain). The exam is recommended for students who wish to have an International certification.

16. I am not a student of Instituto Hispania but would like to give the D.I.E exam. Can I do so ?

Yes, it is possible to give the D.I.E exam if you are not a student at Instituto Hispania.

17. How often do you hold the D.I.E exam ?

The D.I.E exam is held every three or four months. Fresh dates are announced well in advance for the students to register.

18. How much does the exam fee cost ?

For information on the D.I.E exam fee, if you are a student at Instituto Hispania, Click Here to cost of exam for internal students For information on the D.I.E exam fee, if you are NOT a student at Instituto Hispania, Click Hereto cost of exam for external students