Since our Director is an expert in Psychology of Education, our theoretical construct has evolved in time and currently we can be described using the term Communicative Performance methodology. This involves not only the grammatical correction but the realization by the student in regards to the syntax and morphology of the discourse.

The basic principles of our methodology are:

  • The primary objective of our communicative orientation is to provide the students with sufficient information, exposure, practice and experience along with culture and values of the second language that would facilitate further study of the language.
  • At early stages of learning a second language, optimal is made of those aspects of communicative competence that the student has developed through acquisition and use of their native language and that are common to those in the second language.
  • The second language learner has the opportunity to take part in the meaningful communicative interaction with highly competent speakers of the language to be able to respond to genuine needs in realistic situations.
  • Our communicative approach is based on and responds to the learners’ communication needs. These is specified with respect to grammatical competence and accuracy that are required in oral and written communication, in sociolinguistic competence on topics and in strategic competence like compensatory communication used when lacking other competencies.
  • The Communicative approach is composed minimally of grammatical competence, sociolinguistic competence and communicative strategies. The primary goal of our communicative approach must be to facilitate the integration of these types of knowledge for the learner, mainly not focusing only on one form of competence over others.

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