Our Spanish Courses

Our Spanish Courses are designed to address the linguistic requirements of the people of the Indian subcontinent. We have developed our Syllabus into a total of Ten levels. Some levels lead to Instituto Hispania's Certification and some levels lead to INDIELE International Certification.

On completion of all our levels, you will be awarded with an overall International Diploma that will be equivalent to proficiency achieved on any B.A. degree.  




Basic Certificate             


  A 1

  A 2








Conversation Course 1


Intermediate Certificate 


B 1

B 2





Advance Certificate        





Conversation Course 2


Superior Certificate         


  C 1

  C 2







Module A1 + A2

Level 1 - Basic Certificate Course gives an ample introduction of the language. Students are able to describe and talk about office, family and daily routines using present tense and present continuous in regular and irregular tenses. Student will obtain certificate.

Level 2 - Diploma A1 provides an extension of the basic course and includes pronominal verbs and imperatives. Student will be able to express likes and dislikes and give opinions about contemporary topics. Students will obtain diploma A1.

Level 3 - Diploma A2 offers detailed conjugation on past tenses with regular and irregular tenses. Students are able to speak and write  using advance structures and the course focus special attention in oral skills inclusive of listening to real videos. Student will obtain diploma A2.

Module B1+ B2

Level 4 - Intermediate Certificate course is focused in consolidating all previous structures learned and introduces subjuntive mode in present tense. The use of local and popular expressions is added to a large amount of vocabulary that will be practiced along with present and past uses of the language. Student will obtain certificate.

Level 5 - Diploma B1 – This level introduces complex uses of subjunctive in present and past tenses and advance sentences. At this stage students who complete the level can even consider the possibility to apply for a job with our Placement department depending on the proficiency they have been able to achieve individually. Student will obtain diploma B1.

Level 6 - Advance Certificate. This course focuses the syllabus in introducing present and past subjunctive modes into the discourse, oral and written. Subjunctive is peculiar of Spanish and it is a very important part of the language. Students who complete this level are able to speak correctly using complex language structures and have better chances to obtain job in companies.Student will obtain certificate.

Level 7 - Diploma B2 - This course focuses on ample uses of subjunctive mode including past tenses and expressions associated to those tenses, apart from combining the subjunctive with the perfect conditional sentences. A wide increment of vocabulary and uses of advance uses of basic verbs and tenses along with popular expressions. Student will obtain international diploma corresponding to B2.

Module C1 + C2

Level 8 - Superior Certificate course - This level focuses on the learning of new advanced structures, controversial verbs, all uses of ‘se’, verbal phrases, relative pronouns, modal verbs, etc. It will also provide the students with cultural knowledge through real texts and context. At this level students will start thinking as a native, and they will be able to read and write elaborated texts. They will be able interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers an easy task. Student will obtain certificate. 

Level 9 - Diploma C1 - This culture-based level will give extended knowledge of historical, political, social, past and modern times of Spain and Latin American countries through discovering the most important events and authors. Humour and slang are also part of this entertaining level. All student errors will be polished and they will be fully able to communicate to other Spanish speakers in any context or situation, formal or informal language, written or oral. Student will obtain international diploma corresponding to C1.

Level 10 - Diploma C2.1 - ‘Perfeccionamiento’ is our high-level qualification: a special course to achieve perfection in the advanced-level expressions, modulation and grammar; increment the vocabulary and experiment with local expressions using all possible tenses and structures. This level also includes high Spanish level clips or texts from different movies or books to understand culture at its most. After completing this level the student will reach the highest possible level of Spanish that can be learnt outside a Spanish spoken country. You will be able to speak almost like a native. Student will obtain overall Diploma.