Study In Spain

Instituto Hispania has affiliations with foreign institutions like ENFOREX in Spain where students can learn Spanish in Spain and countries in South America. The students can choose from more than 30 attractive destinations and enjoy the experience of the culture while practicing and perfecting the language. 

Spanish for Children

ENFOREX offers Summer Camps for children of age groups ranging from 5 to 18 years. These Summer Camps are organised between July to September every year and are designed for international students to learn while having fun. Approximately 40% of the children in these programmes are international students from different countries and is a great opportunity for culturally immersive interaction. 

ENFOREX also offers Intensive Spanish Programmes for adolescents between 14-17 years. This includes 20 Spanish lessons per week for a duration of 2 weeks. It's the perfect programme for young international students who are looking for a new and fun experience while studying abroad. 

Spanish Programmes for Adults

ENFOREX also offers a variety of courses for adults who want to practice and perfect their proficiency in the Spanish language. We recommend these courses to students who have completed at least two or three (A2) levels with us, as it will facilitate them to take full advantage of the benefits of being in a foreign country, learning the language and experiencing the culture. We also recommend this program for our students who want to pursue C2 Maestria (Mastery) level. 

The student can choose the city to visit, and also the number of regular classes they want to devote per week. They will also be able to choose their accommodation from options like staying at a hostel or with a host family, as well as if they would prefer to extend their stay for one or more weeks.

How to Apply

The procedure of application is though Instituto Hispania who will undertake the enrolment of the student with ENFOREX, however, the visa procedure must be completed by the student following the steps as deemed necessary by the Embassy of Spain in India.

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